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ELRO cooker technology

Economy, reliability and long service life are results of leading ELRO cooker technology.


ELRO HPC, High Pressure Cleaning

ELRO HPC uses a high-pressure jet for ultra-fast cleaning. That makes for unbeatable cost savings.

ELRO PMS, Power Management System

Thanks to the ELRO PMS, you can reduce power requirements by up to 30% and cut costs when 3 to 12 appliances (e.g. 2 pans and 1 kettle) are connected.

ELRO QCS, Quick Cook Select

Using and controlling your appliances is child’s play with the ELRO QCS: cooking programs can be called up according to food type and consistent cooking processes are guaranteed.

ELRO PCS, Pressure Control System

With the ELRO PCS, cooking times can be further reduced, continued cooking is more constant and cooking process reproducibility is assured.

ELRO WDS, Water Dosing System

Thanks to the ELRO WDS, you now can go and do another job while your kettles and pans are filling with water.

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