Products and Manufacturing


ELROs high quality, durability and efficiency design standards when designing our equipment also reflects our interest to care for our planet and society: We are market leader when it comes to robustness which reduces our customers equipment footprint. Our products minimize energy and water consumption and enable to reduce food waste.

Since 1934 ELRO focuses to manufacture on a minimal and local footprint. 70% of our components is sourced in Switzerland, 30% in the near EU countries. All products of our premium segments are produced in Switzerland.

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We consider acting responsible and sustainable as being part of the ELRO guarantee for quality.


We identify yearly key actions to reduce our ecological footprint at our headquarters in Bremgarten AG such as to recycle 100% of our production waste.


Customer and Employees


Strengthened for a common future with social commitment.
ELRO is committed to diversity, supports the reintegration of people with disabilities and is involved in the training of future skilled workers in technical professions.

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Our employees and our customers remain our 80 focus. We are only as successful when they are too.


ELRO collaborates with the foundation Integra: A company with a social mission for young people and adults with mental, physical or psychological disabilities.


2018 ELRO implemented a program for diversity. 2025 the target is to employ 30% women across mid to high level management at ELRO.


5% of our workforce are apprentice. ELRO collaborates with the foundation LIBS to train young people in technical jobs.

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