ELRO Kettles


ELRO Productrange: The heart of every kitchen

Prod Küche

The ELRO 2300 series of kettles from 40l to 500l and multifunctional pans 2GN/3GN (90l/170l) offers maximum flexibility for irregular workloads and highest production safety, thanks to a life span of 20+ years and minimal failure rates.

Mutlifunktionale Küche

The ELRO multifunctional pressure pan with optional High-Speed and its 18 functions enables the preparation in smallest batches and the quick change from roasting to boiling. Cooking under pressure further enables efficient yet gentle cooking to serve highest food quality.

Cook & Chill

The ELRO mixer kettle with optional chilling function combined with the ELRO multifunctional pressure pan enables effective large-scale production and regeneration in the proportioned needed without endangering food quality or create food waste.

Text Produktsortiment

ELRO TCO: An investment that pays off

TCO Text
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