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ELRO Service Modules

Highest quality and economy in a total solution - which goes far beyond appliances - guaranteed through sound advice and customised services.


Situation analysis

Clarification of operationally specific requirements for central planning factors, such as

  • Space conditions
  • Room available
  • Energy sources

Menu plan analysis in terms of

  • Products
  • Quantities
  • Type of production (e.g. Cook & Serve or Cook & Chill)
  • Catering times
  • Number of covers

Solution concept

Establishing the optimum components for efficient and economic operation according to criteria such as

  • Selecting ideal cooking methods
  • Coordinating appliance technology
  • Calculating necessary appliance performance
  • Optimising surface and energy needs
  • Determining the type of installation
  • Calculating the cost savings resulting from all components


Preparation of detailed execution plans for your cooking range, including

  • appliance arrangement
  • installation provisions (e.g. installation walls)
  • media connections (power, gas, water, steam etc.)

Installation and commissioning

Carried out exclusively by ELRO After Sales Service staff and featuring

  • installation guaranteed to conform to specification
  • appliance function testing
  • introduction and basic training of your staff
  • this is a prerequisite for the comprehensive ELRO full warranty


Performed by ELRO appliance training chefs and including

  • operation and use of the appliances
  • the Cook & Chill and Cook & Serve processes
  • cooking methods such as pressure cooking and overnight cooking
  • organisation of cooking processes
  • quality assurance and hygiene monitoring

ELRO training (initial or ongoing) takes place either on-location or at the ELRO premises.

In addition, users have telephone support at their disposal

  • communicating tips from chef to chef, from professional to professional.

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