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ELRO Pressure Cooking

Use pressure and steam to increase quality by 25%


+15% Nutrients and Vitamins

Cooking with a small amount of latent steam prevents nutrient loss.

Taste and nutritional values such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements are preserved.

Water use is minimal, since the same amount of steam is used and repeated steam production is not necessary.

+25% Improved Appearance

Cooking under pressure prevents friction and movement, which is especially effective when cooking sensitive foods such as vegetables.

The natural structure and colour of food is also preserved, even when in small pieces, e.g. a brunoise (vegetable garnish).

10% less weight loss (equivalent to at least 15 portions for 15kg of boiled beef!)

-50% Cooking Time

40 – 50% shorter cooking times (e.g. beans in 3 minutes, whole potatoes in 8 minutes).

Thanks to short appliance use times, the number of possible batches per appliance each day can be doubled, thus achieving optimal appliance capacity.

Makes it possible to simultaneously cook several components in one appliance with various cooking times without taste transfer.

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