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ELRO Pressure Bratt Pans 2300

Multifunctionality and superb performance for health-conscious cooking and roasting


+65% Productivity

The High-speed system increases productivity by factors: it features the performance of a combi-steamer – but, unlike conventional devices, does it in a matter of seconds and directly inside the pans or kettles.

Using and controlling your appliances is child’s play with the ELRO QCS: cooking programs can be called up according to food type and consistent cooking processes are guaranteed.

The main basic preparation methods have already been stored in the system in order to make best use of the multifunctional features of ELRO appliances. Methods are programmed into the ELRO QCS recipe book so that they can be called up quickly and easily.

+15% Vital Quality

Vital pressure cooking is the healthiest and at the same time the most energy-saving way of increasing productivity, cutting production times, increasing flexibility and improving the quality of the food.

+50% Hygiene

ELRO HPC uses a high-pressure jet for ultra-fast cleaning. That makes for unbeatable cost savings.

For easy cleaning, it is essential that appliances are perfectly assembled. The ELRO hygienic link joins work surfaces and unit fronts almost seamlessly, making for quick, easy and hygienic cleaning.

For absolute hygiene, attention must be paid to every detail. The hinge meets the highest standards for easy cleaning, maximum stability and long service life.

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