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The ELRO Mobility Concept

Perfecting the economically efficient production kitchen


+50% Economy

By subdividing a production kitchen into a production, cleaning and storeroom, the room program is optimally adapted to actual requirements.

Downsizing the production room also results in infrastructure cost reductions (e.g. for extractor hood, ventilation, floor channels and grids, etc.).

The number of appliances, work tables, drawer units, etc. is reduced to the absolute minimum necessary for dealing with the planned production. The production room is no longer encumbered with unnecessary equipment.

+100% Flexibility

The multifunctional cooking appliances can be utilised several times during the same production cycle to produce different food. After each production batch, they can be simply and hygienically cleaned using the ELRO HPC (High Pressure Cleaning) system and are once again available for production.

The appliances are rolled to any location in the production room and connected to current, water, soft water and the data control system via either a wall supply beam or central supply column.

+50% Hygiene

Only mobile appliances (pans, kettles, combi-steamers, work tables, drawer units, etc.) are used in the production room. When production is completed they are pushed out of the room.

The result is a kitchen without corners, recesses and edges. Everything is rendered easily accessible; the production room can be cleaned with either a cleaning machine or with high pressure. Providing the appropriate IPx9 safety class requirements are satisfied, appliances can be speedily and hygienically cleaned with the high pressure cleaner.

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