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Das ELRO Leistungspaket 100% Qualität
Das ELRO Leistungspaket HPC
Das ELRO Leistungspaket Gerät

The ELRO range of services

Increase productivity instead of losing money


100% Quality

Maximum durability and useful life of ELRO appliances, even under extreme conditions, are guaranteed by the exclusive use of high quality materials in production (e.g. CNS), as well as the particularly robust method of construction.

100% Service

The unique quality of total solutions – even beyond that of the actual appliances themselves – is the result of our high level of specialist expertise and our decades of experience in the field of thermal cooking solutions and customised services.

The objective of the proven ELRO consultancy service is for you to be able to significantly optimise your investment level by achieving maximum production output from the minimum of appliances that exactly fulfil your requirements.

100% Economy

Our intelligent ELRO technology assures you of a clear reduction in operating costs (energy and water consumption, operating expenditure, production and cleaning time, as well as space requirements).

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