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ELRO Kettles with integrated mixer

The perfect solution for liquid foods


«Cook & Chill» – Automatic Cooking and Coolingn

This function allows the chef to devote time to other work right from the start of the cooking process to the end of the cooling process. Or, this situation can be reversed: Over night the food is stored in the kettle with integrated mixer at 2-5˚ C and then heated up using a cooking program which starts automatically. The ideal solution for the production of liquid food such as creams, soups, jams, bound sauces or for heating milk.

Re-Cooling and Cooling Process

The double layer heating system is flooded with the cooling liquid. The mixer column is also cooled, enlarging the food’s contact surface when adapting the temperature and creating an efficient re-cooling effect. Equipped with this function, ELRO kettles with integrated mixers can be used in a great variety of ways including around the clock use. The result is a short amortisation time.

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