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ELRO Hygiene Guarantee

Increase the profitability of your kitchen with high pressure


+50% Efficiency

ELRO HPC (High Pressure Cleaning) uses a high-pressure jet for ultra-fast cleaning. That makes for unbeatable cost savings.

Regardless of time, place and training, ELRO HPC means that everyone can quickly, easily and hygienically clean an appliance with high pressure.

Thanks to ELRO HPC, tedious and time-consuming cleaning of edges, corners and tight spaces is now definitely a thing of the past.

+50% Prevention

For easy cleaning, it is essential that appliances are perfectly assembled. The ELRO hygienic link joins work surfaces and unit fronts almost seamlessly, making for quick, easy and hygienic cleaning.

The ELRO hygienic link seals the gap between appliances so perfectly that food cannot get in either from above or from the front. The appliances are also inwardly protected by an all-round housing.

100% Consistency

For absolute hygiene, attention must be paid to every detail. The hinge meets the highest standards for easy cleaning, maximum stability and long service life.

All the supply channels (lid cooling, sensors for the ELRO Pressure Control System and core temperature probes) as well as the lid retainer are integrated inside the hygienic hinge, where they are invisible and require no maintenance.

The gap between the hinge unit and the lid can be easily cleaned using the ELRO HPC (High Pressure Cleaning) system.
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