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Easy operation, High reliability and Lowest costs per year


- Easy operation

- High reliability

- Lowest costs per year


Easy operation

Desired cooking and roasting temperatures are easily and quickly set with the robust control knob on ELRO EasyCook pans and kettles. During this process, the selected temperature set point is shown on the display. Afterwards, the display switches to the current temperature.

Frying and cooking in the ELRO EasyCook pan

The EasyCook model is a genuine, well known ELRO Flexipan. Changing from the frying to the cooking mode – or vice a versa – is done quickly with a simple turn of the lower control knob.

High reliability

The ELRO EasyCook series appliances make no concessions when it comes to legendary ELRO quality. They are designed for daily, heavy use in professional kitchens. Housings made of thick high-grade stainless steel; shock-resistant pan bottoms, a water-protected control system, etc. ensure long life and reliable operation. Around the clock, day after day, year after year.

Lowest costs per year

Exceptionally long service life and competitive pricing of the ELRO EasyCook series make these pans and kettles a smart, long-term investment for every user. In addition, maintenance and repair costs are kept at a minimum thanks to the robust design.

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